The spark festival 2022

A Festival to delight the senses

The Junction Works is proud to announce Spark Festival 2022.

This year’s Festival lasts for a month with many options guaranteed to delight your senses. Everyone at The Junction Works will have the option to register their interest in a range of excursions, and events during our huge month program starting June 6th and closing 1st July 2022.

The festival starts with a huge opening ceremony which offers a fun interactive program plus some special bonuses. 

Some events have limited ticket numbers and may book out fast. If that happens, there are plenty of events to choose from and we will support participants to register in a different event. Most of our popular events will be held multiple times to give everyone the chance to be part of the fun.

Each weekday event will start from the participants day program centre location and transport will be included unless otherwise stated.

The events are all listed in the calendar below, just scroll to June and join us for an amazing festival that is sure to get your senses delighted.


Time Table Of Events

1. Go to the calendar and choose the event you would like to register for

2. Click on the Eventbrite Link and Create a registration using your email.

3. If the page asks you for a secret code use the code:  TJWSpark

4. You will recieve a notification to your email

5. Your staff will let you know if and what festival events you have been successful for.